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- story by MaterialDistrict

With Remake ceramics, Fabrique Publique reuses broken pieces of ceramics, saving them from the incinerator, and makes them a valuable resource for new products.

The first tests with recycled ceramics were applied to a set of tableware called ‘Future history’. The tableware shows what recycled content means for tactility and outlook of the designs. The tableware itself is based on simple geometrical shapes and aims to encourage people to share food. The different plates fit together, but can also be used separately both as plates and as serving trays. The plates contained between 5 and 10% of recycled material.

In further research, tests with higher percentages of recycled content were carried out, as well as tests with smaller/bigger type of grains, specific colours as well as re-recycling. Next to these tests, the application to a set of vases will be showcased. Both the tests and the products have been made with porcelain and stoneware clay.


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