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Renew Plus


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For the Renew Plus fabric, the Econyl yarn is used. Econyl, developed by Aquafil, is made by recycling post-industrial and post consumer waste materials and discarded products such as fishing nets, voile and fluff – from old carpets – otherwise destined to the garbage dump. Through a depolymerisation process these products are turned into a new polymer and then into a new yarn. The fabric is soft, compact, and light. Furthermore, Renew Plus is fully UV protective (UPF 50+) and features a high shape retention power. Both properties are ensured by the presence of Xtra Life LYCRA, the premium fiber by Invista which is very resistant to chlorine and to degradation by oils and sun creams. Renew Plus is a sustainable stretch fabric, suitable for comfortable and soft shapewear items, but also for other situations where shaping properties are desired.

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