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REPEAT® Panels are recycled and circular building panels. Consisting of at least 75% recycled material, every single layer in these panels is PET. The lightweight foam core, the strong outside faces and even the decorative finishing layer are 100% PET. Being made of a single material means that recycling does not require any separating or sorting of the waste. After shredding and re-melting, the waste can be turned into new REPEAT® Panels.

The panels can be finished on one or both sides in a wide variety of colours, decors and textures. All decoration is the result of water-based ink, which does not affect the recycling process. Waterproof, stiff and highly impact resistant, these panels can be used in a wide variety of applications, ranging from bathroom walls to sustainable furniture. The thermoplastic nature of PET allows for an even greater design freedom, as the panels can easily be thermoformed into organic shapes.

Three main groups of panels are currently available: the thin and bendable Flex panels, the strong, self-supporting Rigid panels and the specialized Rigid+ panels, perfect for housing plumbing or electrical systems.

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