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Resopal® GmbH is producer of different types of decorative surface materials for both interior and exterior applications. Resopal® HPL is produced of various paperlayers, impregnated in phenolic- and melamine-resins. With high temperature and pressure this is transformed to a decorative laminate. Resopal® HPL is available in a wide range of patterns, dimensions, thicknesses, and finishes. Woodgrains, Metal Irisé, Metals, Minerals and Plain Colours are available. Applications include backwalls in kitchens, reception desks, doors, kitchen worktops, furniture, ceilings, tabletops, flooring, walls and sink basins.
Beside HPL, Resopal also manufactures Resopal Motiv, a custom-made laminate. This makes it possible to integrate any digital image in the laminate. By pressing original images, scanachromes, digital prints or textiles under very high pressure, they become a part of the Resopal Motiv laminate. They will have the same scratch-resistance and toughness because of the protection by the melamine layer.
All Resopal products can be provided in B1/M1 or B2/M2 fire-rating.

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