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SABIC’s Innovative Plastics business may offer a portfolio of 300+ grades of Polycarbonate resins and Polycarbonate blends. These resins can be recycled due to the pigmentation technology of the compounds prior to molding. The Expression Textures include new colors and textures each year, showing SABIC’s vision for trends in the coming years, and they offer over 18.000 color options for customers in Europe.
The colors displayed include low gloss, diffusion, transparent and opaque effects. The charachteristics of the material depend on the choice of resin. Examples of laser welded joints are included to demonstrate the technology with these plastics. Samples are shown in both flat colorplaques and 3D parts to demonstrate the effects of color and texture as related to 3D manufactured parts.
An advantage of the Polycarbonate based resins are flame retardant properties without Halogenated or Brominated chemistries.
All colors can be used in interior as well as exterior and covers a large portfolio of applications. Automotive, white goods, electrical, Building and Construction, Mobile Phones, Lighting, Packaging, Furniture, Accessories, Consumer Electronics and several other type of consumer goods.
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