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Sandwich Plate System SPS

United Kingdom

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SPS is a composite material comprising two metal plates separated by an elastomer core, which transfers shear between each plate, eliminates the need for stiffeners and precludes local faceplate buckling. It combines the performance advantages of metal faceplates, a PU core and a composite structure into one material. The thicknesses of the composite elements are tailored to meet the needs of each application. It is an excellent alternative to both stiffened steel and reinforced concrete and delivers high stiffness to weight ratio, simpler fabrication, improved performance and increased safety. It has improved fatigue and corrosion resistance. In SPS structures, the elastomer core dissipates strain energy over a large area, reducing load concentrations that lead to permanent deformations and cracks. It is used in a wide variety of new construction and repair applications in the maritime and civil engineering industries.

Conventional structures have limited capacity to absorb blast energy and are susceptible to early rupture. Stiffeners reduce the size of the plate membrane so reducing latent strain energy. Significant blast energy is transferred from the stiff slab or plate to the supporting structure. Connection details cause early fatigue at only 5% elongation of the steel plates. Panels are susceptible to fragment penetration, which further accelerates panel rupture
SPS technology and its elastomer core have been developed to create a metal-elastomer-metal composite that can reach its full plastic capacity in flexure or compression without local buckling of either faceplate.

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