Seagrass Carpets


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Seagrass carpet is a woven carpet made of 100% seagrass. The raw material is a long grass species growing along the coasts of China. Depending on a wet or dry harvesting period the seagrass varies in colour, from a brownish color to a greener color. The grass is turned to a thread and twined to form a yarn and has a latex backing.

The coarse basic material is used as the material for the seagrass products, so the woven end product will display irregularities to a greater or lesser extent. This is inherent to the material and increases the charm of the product.
The maintenance of seagrass is easy and stains are simple to remove. It is advised to occasionally moistening with a mister during dry periods so conditions with low air humidity can do no harm.

This material is mainly used as indoor carpet and as a bordered rug.

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