Seaweed dye


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- story by MaterialDistrict

The dye is 100% seaweed based and can be made from brown, red or green seaweeds or seaweed waste streams. The product can be supplied as a powder, liquid or dyed directly onto a fabric. The dyes are local, sustainable and together with a transparent production chain. Seaweed is widely available, growing rapidly and Europe will be producing more seaweed in the coming years.

The dyeing process uses no farmland and hardly any fresh water.

The advantages of the textile dyes are:

  • biobased
  • free from chemicals and pesticides
  • biodegradable
  • no use of agricultural land & little fresh water
  • large quantities of production possible
  • reduce carbon footprint

The pigments are extracted from the seaweed through a bio-based and environmentally friendly process. The dyes can be applied on natural textiles like cotton, wool, silk, or linen. A wide variety of colours can be achieved.

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