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See your Space uses a variety of materials to create illusions in order to challenge spaces. This methodology uses an iterative process that allows images to be created and manipulated in order to produce illusory designs that, in turn, can manipulate or distort the perception of space, using aspects of perspective, scale, and pattern. As the process is an iterative one, the creative methods used can be repeated until an appropriate solution/design is achieved.

Clementine Debos’ silks have all been sourced because of the sheer effect as well as how well the light reflects on the material. Both elements have contributed to create an optical illusion, a sensation of the fabric vibrating visually when looked at from a distance. This fabric was digitally printed onto.

SeeYourSpace 3DJacquard -0155
Is a Jacquard Woven fabric, 100% Silk. The geometric shapes woven have been created in such a way that a 3D effect appears as the fabric is looked at from a distance.

SeeYourSpacePolysport 4922
Polysport fabric digitally printed onto it. 100% synthetic, it is not repeatable. See your Space used this material for its see through characteristics.

SeeYourSpace Jacquard-4935
A jacquard woven fabric. A woven surface made of Viscose fibres. The woven texture creates a devore effect. Indoors use only.

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