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These Sefar architecture fabrics are made of synthetic fluoropolymers. Due to special finishing and coating techniques, the fabrics have a high UV durability without fading.

All fabrics in this range are highly flame-resistant, producing nearly no smoke and free of burning droplets. The material achieves a light transmission rate of > 90%.

The acoustic effectiveness of perforated or open-pored fabrics depends on both the nature and size of the perforations with coated fabrics or on the structure of uncoated fabric. Sound absorption can be improved using a double-layer construction.

Sefar architecture fabrics can be supplied with a light frame. This Sefar lightframe is a modular frame system for fabrics, translucent ceilings and wall elements. The frame design, covered with Sefar Architecture high-tech fabric, produces attractive effects in both artificial and natural light, as well as qualitative improvements in spatial acoustics. Extremely narrow seams and an elliptic profile ensure illuminated surfaces are practically shadow-free.

Applications for Sefar textiles include light-transmissive ceilings , wall panels, canopies to acoustic ceilings, versatile membrane structures and facade concepts.

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