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Shape memory polymers


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The SMP material is made of shape memory polymers. SMPs are polymeric, smart materials that can return from a deformed state (temporary shape-stable at -10℃ to 50 ℃) to their original, permanent shape induced by an external stimulus or trigger, such as temperature change.

The material can store embossed logo/text shape information in the synthetic, paper-like film, and release these 3D patterns when exposed to heat of ≥65°C for 3 seconds. The material is harmless and has passed the EU ROHS Test.

Features of the Manborui SMP label film are as follows. It is easy to verify and visually impressive. For example, to activate the embossed 3D overt pattern ‘water’ in the SMP film by heating, ‘water’ will disappear while the hidden pattern ‘fire’ will be activated, to be embossed in just seconds. It is also irreversible: one time use means is can be used to verify the authenticity of products, and the activation is irreversible. In addition, it is a high-tech and exclusive material. It is PCT patented, and made from PDA certified material. Production processes are complex.

The SMP film comes in variations: different colours, different operating temperatures and different embossed details are all available. As for the heating, a lighter, some hot water or a hair dryer will be recommended testing methods for the SMP material.

Weight of the SMP film is 200g/m2 ±10%, with a film thickness 0.18mm ±10%. The colour and finish is white or translucent matte and the activation temperature is 65°C or 150°F. This activation is irreversible.

SMP comes on rolls with a width of 105mm – 210mm and in sheet sizes of A4 or A3.

The embossed texts or pictures are customizable according to customers’

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