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Shell Homage transforms discarded egg & nut shells into biodegradable materials.⁣ The creative opportunities are endless, as Shell Homage can appear to look like glass, marble, rubber, or natural stones, but instead, the material is made from food waste.⁣ It is 100% compostable when no longer in use.⁣

The egg- and nutshells, as well as cacao shells, in the bioplastic are bonded with organic and biodegradable polymers. Thanks to the shells, the polymers become stronger. The mixture is put through production techniques such as extrusion, pressing and injection moulding.

It can be used to replace oil-based plastics, and can be applied across many applications including interior, furniture design, home accessories, consumable goods, 3D printing, jewelry design, and lighting design.⁣

Founded by designer Rania Elkalla, each piece is handcrafted into a unique combination of colours and patterns.

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