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Sustainable luxury with a 100% wool curtain fabric collection. Wool is:

  • A naturally renewable resource and therefore contributes to reduced environmental impact.
  • Naturally fire retardant and naturally insulating
  • Naturally self-cleaning
  • Naturally sound-absorbing.

The language of wool is unique. Wool envelops you and has a soothing effect on its surroundings. Wool makes you want to pass through your hands. Wool gives peace of mind. As a raw material, wool is unique. The transformation into a curtain made of 100% wool is an innovative new application to integrate these warm elements into the interior. An absolute innovation in sustainable window textiles. Imagine the luxury of wool curtains, expertly made from the hairs of sheep.

Animal welfare is Royal Vriesco’s top priority, which is why their wool is mulesing-free. The unique crimp of wool provides resilience, so the fabric does not crease, retains its shape and wears little. Wool, with its natural properties such as fire retardancy, sound absorption, anti-static power plus odour and stain resistance, offers warmth to your interior in addition to this added value. The 100% wool curtain fabric collection contains two varieties of room high fabrics, available in multiple colours. The fabric Lana is a semi-transparant curtain fabric, available in four neutral colours, and the fabric Shepherd is a double-faced curtain fabric, available in six natural tones. Both fabrics are untreated with harsh chemicals.

At Royal Vriesco | A House of Happiness, they never underestimate the power of a good curtain. They go for quality, durability, and innovation. This innovative character can be seen, among other things, in the introduction of curtains made of 100% wool. As a natural material, it is naturally degradable and not harmful to the environment. As the market leader in sustainable curtains, they are taking the next step here. Not just any curtains.

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