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ShetkaSTONE is made from 100% recycled paper, plant or cloth fibers. Unlike other processors that recycle paper, it is made from any and all types of paper; from waxed paper to glossy paper, including magazines and telephone books. Presently, the patented process involves turning waste paper into a slurry which is then formed into a hardened product. The end result produces 36 inch-square table or counter tops. The density, strength, and thickness of the product can be controlled during the process. The material has a 100% sustainable life cycle. All by-products (waste created in the manufacturing process) can be recycled back into the manufacturing process. All products that are damaged or are at the end of their life cycle do not have to be put in any landfill, they can be recycled back into the manufacturing process. Following the manufacturing of the requested product, it can be sawed, sanded, glued, nailed or screwed together. Counter tops thirty inches wide by twenty one feet long have been manufactured. The product may be finished with any of the thousands of wood and stone sealants currently sold.

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