SilentFiber Hemp acoustic panel


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Natural acoustic material based on hemp straw that improve the room acoustics by absorbing a large part of the sound energy. For the production of the hemp panel, the entire hemp straw can be used. A separation of hemp shives and hemp fibres like in the automotive industry is not necessary. This saves a lot of production energy. A standard process of the automotive industry has beed adapted for the production of the hemp panel. In this so called nonwoven production process, the hemp straw is mixed up with binding fibres and the fire retardant salt. The nonwoven is heated, pressed and cooled afterwards. The finished panels are cut and painted with a sustainable, mineral wall paint.

The hemp panels are easy to handle and install. The material does not harm the room climate or skin. The standard panel format: 62.5 cm x 62.5 cm x 4.5 cm

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