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Silvadec Deckboards


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This material is made from a wood composite. The compound is roughly made of 70% wood flour (recycled spruce sawdust from European sawmills) and 30% polymer (100% high density polyethylene).
This compound offers the benefits of both material with the polymer providing resistance to moisture, rot and insects while wood provides UV resistance, rigidity and also the feel and look of solid wood
The products are manufactured by extrusion process : with this process one can get parts with very different shapes, in constant quality and perfectly recyclable.
The Silvadec collection contains : deck boards, finishing boards, fascia boards, trim corners and bearers.
The material is available in 5 standard colours with a flat surface or with thin grooves.
For further finishing, wood composite products can be worked just as solid wood with traditional wood tools : saw, drill, plane,..
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