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Only 3mm thick, skinny.B is an ultra-thin concrete product for interior wall cladding (i.e. wallpapering), furniture and object design. It is the first product of its kind to achieve such a slender profile.

Standard panel sizes available are 100cm x 50 cm x 3mm, as well as 120cm x 60cm x 3mm. However, special dimensions and shapes of skinny.B are also possible. Colours available are a standard white and grey, with custom colours also available on request. Surface finishes are varied and can be matte or glossy – or even wrinkled and patterned.

Easy to install, these panels can be fixed to a wall or substructure by gluing, using a hook-and-loop-fastener or screws.

Concrete materials created by g.tecz engineering are characterized by an optimum particle size distribution, combined with a thin film of water. The result is a concrete material with a compressive strength similar to steel, along with properties similar to a ceramic and an insulating value that is comparable to rock wool. This combination makes cementitious materials such as skinny.B unique.

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