Soft Silica


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- story by MaterialDistrict

Fibreglass is a material that is ubiquitous but is rarely seen up close. In search for a more sustainable alternative to casting the material with plastic, Sarah Roseman asked: what if there’s a way to utilize its innate quality to its advantage? Knitting and fusing fibreglass in a kiln, removes the need for plastic binders and transforms the material into knitted glass.

Soft Silica is a culmination of a year’s worth of research, exploring many applications of the material through an extensive archive of samples. The material can be molded in much more precise ways compared to glass sheets and can even incorporate copper wiring inside the glass.

Soft Silica is applied as Glass Tapestries which provide a unique tactility and visual quality for interiors. The softness of a tapestry and reflective qualities of glass are married together through the glass knitting technique to create fascinating surfaces for the wall.

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