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Soft-Touch Coatings


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Soft-Touch Coatings can be applied on any paintable substrate. The coating itself is transparent and can be combined with other coloured or non-coloured coatings. The effect is highly durable. The preparation of the substrate is crucial for the perfect final surface. The surface needs to be cleaned and if necessary polished (800-grain). A special primer has to be applied; after adjusting the customized colour, e.g. by samples, the colour coat can be applied. Finally the clear Soft-Touch coating can be applied. After drying the result is a velvety and nice-to-touch surface. The intensity of the effect can be varied individually. Original fine structures of objects remain. Exceptional optical and haptical effects can be obtained, e. g. imitations of leather and velvet can be produced. A functional use of the coating is a non-slippery enhancement . The Soft-Touch Coatings should be used with interior applications. There is no limitation as to the dimensions of the work pieces to be coated with soft-touch. The stronger the surface is treated, the more the soft-touch effect wears off.

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