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Solanyl is a smart series of biobased and biodegradable end compounds mainly based on reclaimed side stream starch from potato processing, industry grain, root, seed and/or flour based resources. As a renewable and biodegradable substitute for plastic,  some of this material’s many applications include: shopping bags, packaging, trays and containers used in horticulture or groundworks and even biodegradable golf balls.

Solanyl is special tailored for various converting methods and is a renewable substitute for various petroleum-based plastic applications like PP, HDPE and LDPE. Solanyl compounds can be used directly for the production of bioplastics with common converting processes such as injection moulding, sheet extrusion, profile extrusion, thermoforming and extrusion film blowing.

Commercial  grades of the Solanyl family are offered as follows: Solanyl C1xxx: Injection Moulding, Solanyl C2xxx: Thermoform Grade and Solanyl C8xxx: Blown film. The  xxx stands for specific grades, for example Solanyl C1201 is the standard injection moulding grade.

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