Solar cell roof tiles

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The solar cell roof tile is a ceramic, traditional looking roof tile in which a solar collector has been integrated. The roof tiles are placed on the roof in the traditional way on tile latches.

The integrated solar cells are mono-crystalline, with a size of 156 x 156 mm and maximum power of 9 V.

The roof tiles are connected with cables and TÜV approved plugs. They are connected in groups of maximum 30 tiles to an Optimiser and towards an inverter. When laying the tiles, the solar cell roof tiles are connected in series on the rear side. The cabling is connected to a converter to absorb the generated power in the form of 220 V into the mains. Depending on the power consumption, the power is directly used or supplied back to the mains.

The roof pitch may vary between 20 and 80 degrees. From a distance, you can hardly see the solar cells, giving the roof a ‘normal’ look, while generating green energy. The tiles are accepted by many municipalities for buildings that are labelled as ‘protected townscapes’.

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