Solid Wood Decorative Elements

Wolz Nautic

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Decorative elements made from wood are known as decorative trims or veneer marquetry. Wolz Nautic offers a new solution made from solid wood which makes it possible to produce with the same precision as is the case with filigree veneer marquetry. The materials used for manufacturing the decorative elements have proven themselves in nautical applications and are resistant to salt water and UV. The combination of these elements with different raw materials (wood, stone and synthetic) is possible.

Using laser technology in production enables the manufacturer to undertake filigree work right down to the tiniest detail. Implementing slender decorative elements and designs – such as those familiar from interior fixtures – is possible thanks to a high-tech suite of machines.

Each component is provided with an individual code. The ability to exchange individual components is thus guaranteed in the long term. Furthermore, a useful thickness of up to 12 mm means that the decorative surfaces can be refreshed several times over. As a result, sanding down can be performed in one pass with teak deck sanding for example.

Application for these solid wood decorative elements include indoors and outdoors for villas, luxury yachts and other floor surfaces.

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