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Soltis 86 & 92


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The Soltis 86 material which is available in 23 colours is a compromise between necessary solar protection and openwork designed to let more light in. It eliminates up to 86% of the solar radiation, which contributes to the heat management of the building.

The material is held in tension throughout the whole production cycle. This ensures dimensional stability. The textiles do not warp, neither when installed nor when used. Applicable for locations for facades with a northern exposure or greenhouses requiring an increased passage of light.

Soltis 92 is designed for industrial premises, offices and public buildings, etc., This material is the most effective application of the two. It can adapt better to the requirements of external solar protection. Vertical blinds, extra-large external blinds, glass panels, etc.: Both materials are resistant to wind and bad weather. The extensive Soltis 92 colour range is available in 47 colours is based on the Natural Colour System (NCS).

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