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Soundreducing Carpet

United Kingdom

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One of the key features of this luxury line of loop pile carpet tiles by Milliken is its sound absorbing backing, or in their own words: Comfort Plus High Performance Backing System. The backing is made from 85% recycled open cell polyurethane. Benefits of this material are:
– Sound absorption of 36dB which reduces the disruption of echoing noise.
– Protection of the surface of the carpet by absorbing the effects of wear.
– High underfoot comfort which also reduces leg muscle fatigue.
– Spring-like structures within the backing act like tiny shock absorbers o soak up the impact of heavy objects placed upon them.

The Milliken carpet tiles are also characterized by their patterns. These are printed with the Militron imaging technology which ensures accurate patterns. Instead of printing a 4 meter role and then cutting it into tiles, each tile is printed individually, making the tiles exactly the same. This enables interchanging of the tiles and an easy composition and combination of different colours with the same patterns. Milliken offers a wide range of different patterns, but customers buying over 250m2 are free to bring their own design.

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