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- story by MaterialDistrict

Soya Silk SPF is a botanic protein fibre material which is smooth, soft and very comfortable. It is an active green textile fibre which has the superiority of natural fibres but the physical properties of synthetic ones
It is made from the Soybean cake after oiling by new bio-engineering technology. Firstly, the spherical protein is distilled from the soybean cake and refined.
Secondly, under the functioning of auxiliary agent and biological enzyme, the space structure of spherical protein changes, and then protein spinning liquid is confected by adding high polymers, and then thirdly, after the liquid is cooked, the 0.9~3. 0dtex fibre is produced by wet spinning, and stabilized by acetalizing, and finally cut into short staples after curling and thermoforming.
Soya Silk SPF is praised as the health, comfortable and green fibre of the new century. Its major material is soybean protein from the farmers, massive in quantity and inexpensive in price, and using
It will not cause the predatory development on the resources but is helpful to resources’ recovery and redevelopment. The production of soybean protein fibre will not bring pollution to the environment, as the accessory and auxiliary agent used are not poisonous, while the residue after the protein extracted can be still used as feed.

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