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These are reproduction antique mirrors and coloured mirrors achieved with a special silvering technique, comparable to an explosion of colour which creates a three-dimensional effect on the surface. The range of application is almost unlimited: interior finishes, panelling for ceilings, walls and columns for a wide range of interiors, inserts for antique and modern furniture, plus composite panels and tiles. Standard production sizes: 122 x 240 cm, sheets available in 3, 4, 5, and 6 mm.
Antique Mirror decided to put the ancient allure back into modern mirrors by restoring some of the magic that has been taken away by modern technical perfection. This goal is achieved by playing with oxidation and by the masterful use of a “black” background, which evokes watery depths. Ancient knowledge together with modern business, have enabled an aesthetically “artistic” activity to be taken to an advanced industrial level.
Antique Mirror “industrially” produces multiple products that are not identical.

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