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Specchiopiuma mirror


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Specchiopiuma ultra light mirror is a panel made up of a polyester (PET) film with metallized aluminium coating, laid over a structural aluminium framework. Its extraordinary lightness (~1,5 Kg/sqm.) allows an easy installation of frames of considerable dimensions size (up to 6×1.4m)consenting a wide field of application such as drop ceilings, theatrical and exhibit decoration.
The metallized polyester film has a very good optical quality and from the lack of thickness (25 micron); it does not shows refraction or dimming phenomenon; it is available a Translux film which allows light and transparency effects for particular stage effects.

The assembly solutions design of all elements, entirely sectional and custom made, makes the product extremely versatile and adaptable to all kinds of needs. The self supporting framework allows the insertion of supports for spotlights and the execution of shaped carpentries (bending and out of square). It also overcomes the transport and safety problems posed by normal glass sheets.
The electro-welded aluminium panel structure, foresees the use of different assembling systems for the posterior adherence, lifting and movement, consenting the mere substitution of the panel if replacement is need.

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