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Special FX Paints


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Special FX paints :
Empirex provides a wide collection of special effect paint such as:
Chrystal FX: self-activated crystallizing mask that works over a basecoat or intercoat with no need to clear, sand, or wash. Full crystallization takesonly a few minutes (10-15 min @ 80° F). You can create closely woven crystals by force drying or create larger crystals by air drying.
Chrome FX:a water-based paint which is a viable alternative to traditional chroming or metal plating but with the same look & feel . Unlike traditional chroming operations, ChromeFX is environmentally safe. The paint is sprayed on in such a way that there are no product size limitations which are encountered when using traditional chrome baths or vacuum chambers.
It is applicable to Plastics, Polyurethane Foam, Metal, Wood, Metal, Fiberglas, Styrofoam, Glass, Gypsum, Ceramics, etc.
Chrystal Pearls: this paint produces a traditional Pearle sense look because of added pigmented mirrors. Crystal Pearls contain a wide range of pearl size metallized chips all ranging in particle size from 1 micron to 300 micron. Due to the effects that can be achieved with either a light or heavy concentration there is not a set ratio. This gives you plenty of room to experiment.

Spectra FX : the coating creates a “chameleon” color shift from 1 distinct colour to another. This color shift is the result of crystal flakes instead of color pigments used in traditional color-changing paints. The crystal flakes are sold separately so you can add them to any type of clear paint or coating.

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