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Spiral fabric without backing

United Kingdom
Kaniez Abdi

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Nylon fibers stitched into a spiral formation and overlapping layers create a lace-like fabric which explores elements of transparency.

Nylon Tubing is produced in standard colors, (white, black, pale blue, deep pink, purple, luminous pink, luminous yellow and luminous green).

Minimum order is 1 meter, but any specific size can be done on commission, however big or small the panel you need. The maximum width is 140cm but can be joined together to create large panels.

The process can be applied to paper, sheer or solid fabric or incorporated into resin and glass. It can be applied to products such as textile art panel for the wall, lamp shades, wall lighting, also hung as partitions and attached to dividing screen, made into blinds, curtains, cushions and applied onto soft furnishing, used in upholstery.
It can also be treated with flame retardant spray to make flame resistant.

Spiral fabric without backing can be cleaned with a squeezed out damp sponge and warm water.

Only for indoor usage.

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