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Starshine glasterrazzo


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Starshine glasterrazzo is a floor covering, which is 90% glass and completely jointless. The extraordinary Starshine effect is produced by the vibrant interplay between granulate and matrix colours.

The variety of matrix and granulate colour combinations and the option to add a mirrored granulate to the blend allow you to create individual solutions. The “Collection” and “Selection” lines, meanwhile, provide more traditional flooring solutions with extremely short lead times.

Product Benefits:
• Easy to maintain and hygienic (jointless installation)
• Environmentally-friendly through the use of recycled materials

Technical Specifications:
Starshine granulate fired comes in two different grain sizes and provides the colour contrast with the matrix colour. Available in 6 matrix colours + 32 basic granulate colours of 10-20 mm thick. Chemical resistant to oils, fats, drinks, and various acids, alkalis, and commercial industrial floor cleaning products.

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