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The self-cleaning natural characteristic of the lotus leaf has been mimicked by Sto AG in its painting systems and decorative plasters. StoLotusan contains perfected water-repellent binding agents and fine pigment particles. When a surface is coated with StoLotusan, raindrops automatically bead up and roll off so that the surface, and thus the entire building, stays drier. A surface coated with this microstructure makes it almost impossible for dirt particles to cling to it; they are simply carried off along with the raindrops rolling down it.
This means that the surfaces are not only drier but remain clean longer.
And it takes far longer for unattractive discolouration caused by algae, fungi and bacteria to become visible on façades treated with StoLotusan.
In addition to StoLotusan Color G wall paint, there is also StoLotusan K decorative plaster. Both products are available in several colours according to the StoColor system. Despite their high degree of water repellency, the materials remain air permeable, are resistant to the effects of UV light, and provide a matte finish.

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