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Stretch Chrome Film

United States

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Stretch chrome film is made from 4 mil (100 microns) thick vinyl film, coated with Alsa’s chrome paint. The film creates a glossy, reflective, chrome finish that is hard and durable. When combined with Alsa’s clear coating, the finish is very scratch resistant.
The film stretches to accommodate different shapes, and can then gently be heated (below 250 F/120 C) to relax the film and conform it to the dimensions of the substrate. The film adheres to the substrate with a pressure sensitive adhesive. Stretch chrome film can be clear coated or tinted with colored pigments.
The stretch chrome film can be printed or painted, including digital printing. It can also be laminated to leather and sewn. It can be adhered to most substrates, and different film thicknesses with other adhesives are being developed.

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