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SUPRLABS ++VE is a permanent coating of 99.9% pure silver on a textile substrate or other formats (foam, fabric, etc.).  It retains all the characteristics of the substrate and hence can be used in any textile-related application with ease.

++VE is not a surface treatment. Silver is irreversibly bound to the substrate and becomes a physical part of the base material. ++VE is permanently and chemically bonded and performance does not diminish over time. It has been tested by Suprlabs’ clients for more than 100 washes with virtually no reduction in activity.

++VE has many advantages:

  • The ++VE product is Anti-bacterial. +VE interferes on the intra-cellular level of the bacteria, disrupting the DNA of micro-organisms on the fabric and effectively suffocating microbial activity
  • The ++VE product is Anti-fungal. +VE interferes with the reproductive sequence in fungal spore, which acts on the fabric structure to break down the textiles and reduce the functionality and performance of the fabric.
  • The ++VE product is Anti-odour. The silver yarn inhibits the growth of odour producing bacteria. The silver ions also bind with ammonia and denatured proteins, resulting in bacterial odour reduction.

++VE is also excellent conductor apart from the anti-microbial benefits. It is able to replace traditional metal wire technologies and fabrics for numerous electrical applications.

  • Heat (heated fabrics)
  • Data (body sensors, conductive gloves, smart fabrics)
  • Electrostatic Dissipation (ESD)
  • Shielding (EMI/RF)
  • Electrodes
  • Clean room apparel and equipment
  • Antenna systems (tents, buidlings)

Some application areas:

  • ++V is used in high end electronics as EMI/ ESD (Electromagnetic interference/ Electrostatic discharge) gaskets, in conductive applications, in clean room settings and smart garments. The same technology is used in infection control in hospitals and advance wound care.
  • ++VE is also used as grounded delivery system or as corona discharge pathway. SUPRLABS ++VE moves charge by conducting it through the entire pathway to eventually into the ground or distributing the charge so that it will be spread evenly and hence make the article safe.
  • ++VE is also used as to conduct data (body sensors) – whether its heart rate variability, ECG, breathing rate, activity intensity, or force of impact, among others. Use ++VE in your smart textiles because it is lightweight, washable, durable, flexible, stretchable, unobstrusive.

++VE is very safe. There are no toxic levels from the use of silver bandages in managing patient’s wounds. (tested in clinical trials) No toxic effect on human cells in vivo.

++VE is long lasting. The ion release is sustained in presence of a stimuli and hence last a very long time

++VE feels very comfortable. Since +VE is pure silver on a textile substrate; the feel is like “silk” which makes wearing the product very comfortable for example, on a wound.

++VE is available in a variety of deniers and package sizes, and its electrical properties and physical makeup can be customized depending on the final application.

Physical formats for SUPRLABS ++VE are filaments, spun yarns, cut fibers, twisted yarns, foams, woven fabrics and nonwoven fabrics. It is possible to process ++VE into woven or knitted fabrics. Also, cut fibers can be put in resin and adhesives.

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