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Surfi-Sculpt® is a novel power beam materials processing technology which creates carefully designed features across a surface. Surfi-Sculpt® surface engineering process is applicable to most metallic materials and potentially some ceramic and polymeric substrates. A power beam is used in Surfi-Sculpt® processing; this can be a laser beam or an electron beam. The beam is deflected rapidly over a substrate surface to displace material in a controlled manner. The result is a textured surface consisting of an array of protrusions above the original surface and a corresponding array of intrusions or cavities in the substrate.
A whole series of features from 10’s of microns to millimetres may be formed in a matter of seconds per square centimetre. The process can be used to produce everything from high aspect ratio spikes up to 2mm in height, blades, channels, swirls and burr-free holes in a range of materials. The size, shape and distribution of the features can all be varied to produce a surface tailored for a specific application.
Applications of Surfi-Sculpt are not limited to:
• Composite to metal joints
• Heat exchange
• Treatment prior to surface coating
• Aesthetic purposes
• Improved aerodynamics

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