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The glass blocks in the Technology Line contains several high performance glass blocks. They are ideal for applications requiring: light control, safety (fire resistance, reinforced structure) heat insulation and sound proofing, in addition to traditional luminosity. With over 80 references in a large range of formats, thicknesses and finishes, the Technology Line contains glass blocks both for vertical structures and for horizontal structures.
A selection:
1919/16 60F Clearview has a structure with high mechanical resistance to the action of flames, the propagation of fire, smoke and heat for 60 minutes.
B PRISMA Paver B 1616/3 is a monolithic element in glass suitable for horizontal structures both for interiors and exteriors. The small format makes it possible to create panels which provide greater safety thanks to the larger surface of the space between the glass blocks, which increases friction. Available in the smooth glass design with two different finishing’s (transparent, sand blasted on 1 side) or in a dotted version in combination with the transparent finishing.
B CIRCLES Paver B 2020/2 is a monolithic element in glass ideal for horizontal structures both for interiors and exteriors where greater luminosity is desired between the levels of separation. Available in glass design with concentric circles and a transparent finishing.

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