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- story by MaterialDistrict

Translucent porcelain tiles, made with or without a texture imprint. As this porcelain is translucent, there is the possibility to add LED lights behind the tile. By shining light onto, and through, the tiles, the special character of the tiles is revealed. Due to the variation of thicker and thinner material, dark and light lines and shapes appear in the tile, making the imprint very clear.

The tiles are hand-shaped, and in this way it is possible to create unique tiles with an imprint related to the building or environment. It is possible to make a translation of a company logo in the tile or even personal items of a client can be transformed into a tile, like a wedding dress.

The use of porcelain means that the waterproof tiles can be produced without the use of toxic glazing, though this is possible if needed. The tiles come in standard sizes of 15x15cm and the lighting incorporated into the panels is and array of long-life LED lights.

Finishing the tiles is done by hand too, lending the Tex-tiles a soft, almost warm feeling. For further customisation, pigment can be added to the tiles, though this means the translucency will disappear.

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