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The foil cushions are manufactured from between two and five layers of the modified copolymer ETFE. Originally developed for the space industry, the material is unique in that it does not degrade under Ultra-Violet light or atmospheric pollution.

The Texlon cladding material consists of pneumatic cushions restrained in aluminium extrusions and supported by a lightweight structure. The cushions are inflated with low pressure air to provide insulation and resist wind loads.

The material is long lasting, it can be used as part of the permanent building envelope. Furthermore, as the surface is very smooth and has anti-adhesive properties, the material self cleanses under the action of rain.

A combination of light transmission and high insulation. Each layer can incorporate different types of solar shading, enabling the designer to optimise the aesthetic and environmental performance of the building envelope.

Available in several colours, different transparencies, prints, patterns and a version which reacts to the sun and changes it’s transmission and insulation throughout the day. Through load analysis and patterning the material can be engineered to any size or shape.

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