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Mae Engelgeer is a textile designer from The Netherlands. Mae studied textile design at an Amsterdam based Fashion Institute and also graduated from the Master course at the Sandberg Institute, where she explored the field of art and design.

Reintroducing often forgotten weaving techniques, Engelgeers’ aesthetic is fresh, light and versatile. Soft pastel hues and her signature orange pop colour yarns make her designs stand out. The development and production of most of the fabrics she designs takes place at the TextileLab in Tilburg.

She likes to design colourful and eye catching products that are like a piece of art in any interior. For instance, Nerv knit is a collection of 2 ‘heavy knit’ blankets in different colours. Using two different yarns that float into each other, three different types of structures on the front side of the textile emerge. The backside of the textiles ends up with a more clear graphic and mirrored pattern. Developed at the TextileLab, this textile is a mix of 60% alpaca, 36% extra fine wool and 4% polyamide.

The MOD collection is a minimalistic and modern textile collection with graphic patterns, line play and subtle gradients. The collection is made out of high quality yarns in black and blue, hues of pastel and hints of bordeaux. It is made from a mixture of mohair, merino wool and cotton.

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