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Samira Boon

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- story by MaterialDistrict

Updated: Originally published on March 23, 2015

Samira Boon is a Dutch design studio that makes functional products and textiles with simplicity and tactility. Drawing inspiration from research into materials and production techniques, Samira Boon has created a unique collection of products.

Her collection includes 3-dimensional fabrics with a depth of up to 10 cm. These soft 3D fabrics can even be hardened in a special finishing process for interior design applications including folding screens, for example. Her collection also includes ‘The Wall Weaves’, which features customized images and graphics that give character to interiors as single frame objects or as full floor to ceiling wall installations.

Other innovations in the collection include large origami foldable structures called Superfolds and textiles made of thermochromic fibres that have seen application in interactive installations for elevators.

Various artists, designers and architects have sought to tap into the insights and design skills of this practice, leading to a range of collaborations, as Samir’s principles are applicable in a wide range of design fields.

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