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This carbon fabric material is based on Oxeon’s tape weaving technology that uses tapes instead of yarn. In any given area more fibres can be packed in tape form than in a yarn.
A woven material comprising interlacing fibrous tapes, instead of yarns, displays a substantially reduced number of interstices/openings. This means that a tape woven structure presents less accumulation of matrix at the interstices and hence increased fiber volume fraction.
The TeXtreme carbon fabric material is tailor-made and available in a wide variety of configurations with regard to areal weights, choice of materials, and so on.
Through cooperation with impregnating companies, TeXtreme® fabrics can be delivered as a thermoset prepreg. The material is available, even in low areal weights, as it is produced from the more easily available 12k, 24k or 48k tows.
Benefits: low weight, better surface finish, tough performance
It is used in aerospace, racing, sports, automotive and industrial applications, fields with extreme demands on material performance.

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