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Alice Corbetta, born in Milan, studied at the Accademia di Brera, where she graduated in painting with Gottardo Ortelli. Fascinated by the world of textiles, she started drawing collections of fabrics and contemporary rugs for businesses and firms in Como, Italy. After that, she dealt with furniture and design objects, working with some architectural firms.

Since 2007, she lives in Tuscany, where she devotes herself more to her artistic activities and contemporary decor in the living space, creating textures and surfaces in cement and resin. In 2011 together with other artists, she founded a collective called Flussartisti, with the objective to undertake artistic paths outside of the conventional circuits and pre-established art market.

In the living space, Alice loves to create emotions evoking memories of ancient decorations and vintage upholstery. By researching original texture, she covers surfaces like walls and furniture with contemporary materials. So Alice creates layers with resin and cement, which resurfaces traces of residue of matter, such as precious finds. The surfaces or an interior, Alice interprets as the skin of a body: the skin of the inhabited space and her decorating acts on it as a tattoo.

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