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The Yarn


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Recycling Daily News; Today’s news, tomorrow’s textile. Hand spun yarn created from a memory. The front page of a newspaper yields no less than twelve metres of yarn, making it possible to transpose yesterday’s news into tangible memories which can be transformed into all kinds of upholstery.

The hand spun yarn is created of old newspapers. (no additives). After the spinning process the yarn is woven, knitted or knotted by hand. The woven carpet has a cotton warp. Because of the weaving and knitting the yarn becomes real strong and can be compared it with other textiles. Since the raw material is still paper it is not washable so it can’t be cleaned. When looked at closely you can see letters, a part of the date and colour schemes appear from a photo. You can use the ‘textiles’ indoor and are meant to be for upholstery and curtain fabrics.

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