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Multi-wall LEXAN THERMOCLEAR (LTC) sheet offers high impact strength and light transmission plus energy efficiency. It also provides long-term resistance to weather extremes. LEXAN THERMOCLEAR DRIPGARD (LTD) sheet features condensate control coating (6mm and 8mm) for greenhouse applications. THERMOCLEAR sheet can be easily cold-formed on site as primary glazing for new construction, and overglazing in retrofit projects. Vertical internal ribbing and a sleek surface helps provide a fresh, updated look for older buildings.

•High impact strength, UV resistant and cold formable.
•15 % the weight of double-pane glass.
•Up to 40 % better insulation than single-pane glass.
•Transmits up to 82 % of visible light.
•Complies with major model building codes.
•10-year limited warranty against breakage excessive yellowing and loss of light transmission.

Sheet Sizes:
4’x8’, 5’x8’, 6’x8’. Other sizes available upon request
Sheet Thickness:
6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm

Available Colors:
Clear, Bronze, White, Opal, and Green (10mm only). Other colors available upon request
General Applications:
•Atriums, canopies and walkways
•Skylights/overhead glazing
•Industrial overglazing
•Pool enclosures
•Office partitions

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