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Thermoplastic Powder coatings Abcite® and Plascoat®.
A proven reliable coating solution for the most demanding environments.

Coatings for parts and components used in demanding environments have to fulfill very stringent requirements. High humidity and saline air in combination with intensive UV radiation create a highly corrosive environment. The thermoplastic powder coatings Abcite® and Plascoat® have proven their worth for many years under these conditions. The unique one layer, primer-less coatings fulfill the highest corrosion requirements and can replace up to 6 layers of conventional protective coatings – all in one!

Abcite® and Plascoat® are harmless, free of all bisphenols, VOCs or halogens and offer adhesion to steel, iron and aluminium without primer. Unlike thermosetting powders, thermoplastic powders melt on a pre-heated surface. When the surface cools down, the coating immediately has its durable physical properties, without further processing. The thermoplastic powder coatings can be applied by dipping in a fluidized bed or electrostatic spraying. A wide range of colours is available.

Independently tested to ISO Standards
Abcite® and Plascoat® have been independently tested to ISO 12944-6. “Corrosion protection of steel structures by protective paint systems”. The coatings meet the highest specifications of C5-M and Im3.

Wide range of different applications
The thermoplastic powder coatings feature more than 25 years of success stories and references in all types of industries and regions. Some stories deserve to be told.

When a new bridge was built in Kortrijk, Belgium, Abcite® was chosen for the protection of the balustrade. In addition to the perfect long-term weathering resistance requested for such a project, the chemical resistance (salts and vehicle exhaust gas) of the coating was an important consideration when selecting Abcite®. After a sand blasting as surface preparation, the welded grilles of the bridges were sprayed with Abcite® in NCS 7500 N, a specific colour chosen by the architect. In 2020 the bridge is still fully protected and maintenance free.

The high cost of maintaining and operating offshore production facilities is felt no more keenly than in the North Sea. Structures face a constant challenge from corrosion and abrasion. Metal becomes degraded, losing its strength and this can eventually lead to premature, sometimes sudden, failure. In 2010 some of the railing structure have been coated with Plascoat PPA 571 whilst another part with other technology. The railing coated in liquid paint has clearly cracked and flaked and is allowing corrosion of the metal beneath. The railing coated in Plascoat® shows excellent abrasion resistance and does not chip or crack. There is no chance of penetration by water, gases or microbes and so degradation does not start underneath the surface as it so often does with liquid paint.

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