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The process that converts premium Scandinavian softwood to Finnforest Thermowood is simple: each piece is steam heated in a kiln. The heat goes to the core of the wood, driving out moisture and resin. The result is a timber with a reduced moisture content and enhanced physical properties:
– Thermowood is 50% more stable than untreated softwood.
– It suffers less shrinkage, swelling, and distortion in response to atmospheric changes.
– It is easy to work with and lightweight.

Thermowood does not need to be treated with preservatives. Thermowood’s superior resistance to water and to attack from fungi means that it will last as long – if not longer – than chemically-treated softwood. For best performance, Thermowood should be installed above ground conditions. Treating this timber with natural pigmented wood oils maintains the rich depth of colour of Thermowood, all year round.

The rich colour of Finnforest Thermowood cladding and decking is similar to western red cedar but is at the same time a warm and reassuring Scandinavian softwood from sustainable forests. Thermowood can be used in many areas such as interior and exterior cladding, floors and indoor ceilings, moldings and sections, facades, garden furniture, playground equipment, noise screening, sauna panelling, fences and terraces.

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