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- story by MaterialDistrict

The artichoke thistle grows wild in Greece and is suitable for use in the biofuel industry. Edinburgh College of Art graduate Spyros Kizis’ Artichoke Thistle material for the Lounge Chair is created using a combination of plant fibre and organic epoxy resin. The chair is completely biodegradable and can be reused as biofuel. Thistle might be made out of waste, but is here to stay.

The cardoon, also called the artichoke thistle, is a thistle-like plant native to the western and central Mediterranean region, where it was domesticated in ancient times. This project has involved the development of a new eco-material and explored possible applications for it within product design. Nature’s potential as a resource has yet to be fully realised, but with fuel and energy crises looming large, it is only a matter of time. In response to the economic downfall of his native Greece, Kizis suggests a new material for the development of products in his part of Europe.

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