Tibetan Cactus Fibres Carpet


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This exclusive material, locally manufactured, is made from Tibetan Cactus Fibres. This labour intensive, hand knotted carpet, can be a combination of loop piles and velour textile with silk and wool. The loops and piles causes the aesthetic height differences and colour differences when viewed from a different perspective. From the cactus they use the second layer than it is bashed and washed over and over again. The fibres than will be spun, twined and knotted or woven (or a combination of both ) There are about 155,000 shepherd knots per square metre.

Due to the hygroscopic material characteristics, the material is self regulating which means that it is warm in the winter and cold in the summer. It is fully washable, easy in maintenance and can be used outdoors!

Each carpet is unique and made only on special request. It is available in all shapes, forms, sizes or patterns thinkable and has a very long lifespan. Each request is accompanied with personal advice regarding the endless possibilities in designs and the variety of materials.

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