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Peyrel Design presents distinctive decorative tiles known as “Topia Tegel”. The tiles are created using magnesium oxychloride sourced from Veendam and hemp shives from Oude Pekela, fusing traditional materials with modern sustainable approaches.

The unique feature of Topia Tegel lies in its manufacturing process—a NO BAKE, NO GLAZE method, developed by Sarah L. Peyrel over a three-year journey of mixture refinement resulting in a glossy texture, forming a sealed surface.

Peyrel Design’s knowledge of the material’s behaviour and a keen awareness of varying mixture ratios contribute significantly to the product’s durability and versatility across diverse applications. These resourceful tiles have the potential to serve as transitional construction material, offering a greener alternative in the realm of decorative surfaces and stand out for their environmentally friendly nature.

Working under her theme of Glocality, Peyrel Design embraces the philosophy of “Think Global, Act Local.” Through this lens, she aims to foster interdisciplinary collaborations that address the challenges ahead of us. Together with like-minded partners, such as IHOG.

Topia Tegel opens up vast possibilities for sustainable design and construction, embodying a commitment to a fruitful and environmentally sustainable future.

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