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Torcetex: Nature and technology together with beauty and art.
Combining beauty and technological advancement is possible. The best example of it is Torcetex, a straw weaving material produced with natural fibres made from cotton agricultural waste. In constant research and development of innovative sustainable ideas, Global Green is bringing to the market a product that serves as inspiration for architects, interior designers, fashion and professionals in the furniture segment.

Produced from the waste generated by the cotton industry, Torcetex is an eco-friendly material that respects sustainable management and supports the circular economy. Thanks to the technology developed to process cottonseed hulls discarded on cotton plantation, material waste is avoided and given a new purpose, which is essential to preserve the environment and stimulate circularity.

Unique and versatile, Torcetex can help many professionals to have brighter and bolder ideas. It is an amazing material to provide more beauty to a series of items, such as:

  • Various types of furniture (tables, chairs, sofas, among others);
  • Decoration of environments of various styles;
  • Adoption of pergola in semi-open environments;
  • Different fashion items (bags, shoes, belts or jewellery);
  • And the application of design in various decorative objects.

Compared to native straw, Torcetex has a number of advantages:

  • Greater resistance and durability, which is ideal for use in chairs and seats;
  • Offers adhesion to dyeing, painting or fiber aging, allowing a greater variety of colours;
  • Great malleability, which provides folds, curves and even seams on the product, giving more options for the creativity;
  • Practically zero risk of fungi and mites in the materials produced.

And the best of it: Torcetex can be applied in more than 900 different weaving designs and colour possibilities.

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