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Touch of Nature is a range of biobased materials designed for their sensorial properties: good aesthetics, a good feel and acoustic comfort. Under this brand name, different materials are developed for different markets, but all with sense-stimulating properties and a biobased origin.

The first commercially available material of this brand is designed for flooring. Touch of Nature Flooring Systems are seamless flooring solutions for private and institutional projects. They are composed of biobased resins with substantial additions of specific natural fillers. These natural fillers are up-cycled side streams of the agro-industry and EU-sourced. They are responsible for this material’s unique colours, patterns and touch and lend Touch of Nature Flooring Systems its natural appearance and feeling.

Touch of Nature Flooring Systems are available in a limited number of earth colours and are provided with a standard matt finish. They are applied in a 2-4mm layer and are thoroughly coloured throughout the whole layer.

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